BEAM: Where Salesforce NPSP Meets Service Cloud

BRDPro Consulting BEAM, a.k.a. Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry, is a human services non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance and a path to economic stability for its clients. Founded in 1985 by representatives of local churches who received many personal appeals for emergency financial assistance, BEAM was created to provide help in a coordinated way. Today […]

How I set up my mobile phone to remotely control my garage door

If you would like to set up remote controlled operation capabilities for your garage door, you need a smart home hub. My favorite is Smart Things by Samsung. This post will describe how you can set up mobile phone remote control access via Smart Things Z-wave wireless communications protocol in about half an hour to […]

How Do You Sell to SMB?

BRDPro Consulting When you are selling products and services, you are willing to pay for the cost of your sales activity with a fraction of the gross margin you are making from the sale. It is important to keep in mind that smaller businesses need smaller solutions and lower invoices than bigger enterprises. Let’s say […]