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BEAM, a.k.a. Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry, is a human services non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance and a path to economic stability for its clients.

Founded in 1985 by representatives of local churches who received many personal appeals for emergency financial assistance, BEAM was created to provide help in a coordinated way. Today the community support for BEAM has extended well beyond the faith community to include individuals, businesses, local organizations, and local foundations. BEAM envisions a future in which no Beaches resident goes hungry or is haunted by the fear of eviction.

Additional information on BEAM can be found on their website at


BEAM supports its clients by providing pantry services, rent, mortgage, and utility payment assistance, nutrition consultancy, SNAP application assistance, single parent support and more.
While offering such diverse services, BEAM was burdened with utilizing multiple systems. Unlike many other nonprofits, their biggest pain point…

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