Call Centre Summit Europe in London

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I participated in the Call Centre Summit ( in London organized by IQPC Customer Management Division on the 22nd of March 2012. There were about 20-25 participants, some of which were also presenting. This is IQPC’s first event in Europe. It seems like they will have to do a lot of work to get this event established in Europe.

I will provide a summary of information for some of the presentations:
Chrles Trywhitt ( is a retailer which sells shirts, shoes and various men’s clothing items in the UK, Germany and USA. Most of their sales are completed online. Mathias Wagner told us all about how they measure customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score online and take actions to ensure a high satisfaction. They think customer reviews are important, because customer reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted than descriptions that come from manufacturers (according to emarketer in 2010). Charles Tyrwhitt will replace your shirt/give refund within the first 6 months (no contraints). Customer reviews & feedback are encouraged. Over 100K customer reviews posted on the website in the last 12 months (without using incentives). That was inpressive.
Aviva’s presentation about their revenue center strategy was interesting. They explained the participants how they improved their performance without attaching everything directly to goals. They applied the Vanguard method and provided the following links; and for review.

Michaela Jacobs from Relationship Care at American Express ( presented their Customer Care Strategy. Michaela stated promoters spend 20-25% more than other customers . AMEX cardmember says when asked; “Don’t treat me like one of the masses” and “Move beyond the script (genuine conversations needed)” They have a detailed and clear strategy that they have branded and communicated to all employees, and they live it every day.

Next presentation was about remote desktop support and online chat. Armen Zildjian from LogMeIn and Steve Castro-Miller from Boldchat ( an online chat company which appearently was bought by LogMeIn at ) said 74% of the customers online want a response from the company online within an hour. 20% of online customers prefer to resolve their issues and ask their questions via chat.  Steve says it is not efficient to blend calls with chat, because of sequencing. It is more efficient to do multisessions of chat. Here is a link to their relevant reports:

There were also other valuable presentations, however the participation became even weaker on the second day, given the overall low interest into the event.
I wish IQPC good luck in establishing a better footprint next year in Europe.

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